Being with God requires action; desire and action for God. Do not talk about God for a while until you’ve begun to understand Him. Instead, perform action for God. Initially, keep your words not expressed about how to be with God. This keeps you stuck in separation from God. Remember that your words come from your mind, not your heart. You need to develop your heart. Until you have this more understood, stay away from words about God. You try to define the undefinable and get stuck in limitation. Focus on the heart; your feelings. Express your love-based feelings in action. Then love blossoms within you. It expands and grows. Then talk about this experience. It’s so natural and easy to unite with God as one. Get out of your minds and words and start doing something that is loving for your unknown neighbors. In a short time, you’ll start receiving the love for life, the love for God that you need to truly unite.

Jesus (Feb 4, 2015)