What are you waiting for? This very moment you could surrender your fear and be with Me fully. Making amends to yourself is the very last thing you need to become free. What you convey to your brother, what you place on the other, what you see in another is your perception of yourself. If you could get out of blame and shame, you’ be in unity consciousness. You’d understand we are all one and undivided. You’d be singing for life; for the love for life; the extreme joy within that cannot be understood from words is your true experience. Every day of your life without this experience is a pity and waste of life. Forgive yourselves My children. Forgive each other. Stay stuck in blame and shame no more. Pray every day and give it to Me intentionally. Ask Me to free you from it. Then give your forgiveness to another through acts of loving-kindness. Do something kind for another each day. This is putting action behind your prayer to Me. Your prayer must be made real through your actions. Then leave the rest to Me. I will set you free. Remember that you created it. You cannot free yourself of it without Me. Simply give it to Me and love another in your daily activity. This is all you need to become fully free.

Jesus (Feb 4, 2015)