“When you want God to awaken within your awareness, you begin thinking of Him all the time. You begin wanting Him to reveal Himself to you more and more. You begin thinking of how you can serve Him. You begin wanting to help all forms of beings be happier. You begin spending more time helping others become whole and filled with love and joy in their hearts. You begin thanking God almost continuously. Your perception changes. You see the truth all around you rather than your mind’s misperceived fears and beliefs. You become a powerful presence which radiates a peace that is beyond human understanding. You draw to you what you desire. You become a powerful creator, like me. You change the world in a beneficial way – always to bring fullness of life to others. Your judgments leave you fully and you see only perfection in all things, in all beings. Separation dissolves. There is no such thing in your awareness anymore. You see what I see – love in everything – the love of our Father in everything. A joy becomes you, which is your true heritage. A fulfillment takes you the rest of the way to our Father. Your awareness becomes His awareness in fullness”. – Jesus