Staying Grounded in My Peace

Ongoing busy-ness and multi-tasking has become an accepted way of modern life. It is the “new normal”. Getting so caught up in living at such a busy pace leads to imbalances of the mind, body and spirit – resulting in anxiety and depression and an inner emptiness.

I would like to talk about the importance of calmness; of maintaining a stillness inside while living a practical life. This is what I mean by staying grounded in my peace. The forward momentum of many lives is a very unconscious one. It is without personal connection, little enjoyment in the moment and little time is available to grow spiritually. Such an existence has become meaningless for many.

I would like to share a simple and practical suggestion for cultivating your connection to Me, our Father and your heart’s love. Spiritual growth is loving more; it is all about the heart’s ability to open more and have more love energy flowing through it. And if you’re too busy to spend more time loving, your connection to our Father becomes lost.

You are intended to live in this world, but not of this world. That means you are intended to remain aware of the love that you are and to share it with others. Schedule time for God. If you are not thinking of God in a place of quietude, life becomes stressful, mundane and joyless. Create the daily habit of giving time to our Father; a morning time, afternoon and evening time. Set aside a moment for stillness, solely for the purpose of connecting your heart’s love and devotion to our Father. You don’t have to do anything. Simply be still with the intention to feel Him; connect to Him.

Also, talk to Him, share your thoughts, feelings, needs and desires with Him as if He were really there – because He is. Ask Him to fulfill your desires. Tell Him what you are grateful for. Connecting to Him in this way, even just for a few moments, just a few times daily, will quietly attract an inner calm and happiness into your pure state of being.

You’ll soon begin to feel Him more; His light and His love will start to grow from within you and He will begin to direct your life for you, simply because you are including him in your daily life. When you do this, you show that you want Him and this is all that is needed to grow your love.

Know that our Father’s purpose for you is one filled with more and more joy, happiness and fulfillment. He waits only to be wanted by you. He comes to those who want Him and make time for Him. Time is the mustard seed that is needed to receive His grace. It is a practical way to grow into His plan for you.

Some have lost touch with their soul’s desires simply because they are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily activity. This is when you no longer hear your soul’s call to awaken. Too many of you have no idea of your purpose here. Know that it is to fall in love with your life and with our Father. Let Him guide you toward His plan for you, which is also your plan; formed from your heart’s desires. The fulfillment you will feel is from our Father’s love and it is what your soul is yearning for. So continue sharing your time with Him. This invites Him to awaken from within you. – from the spirit of Jesus

Channeled by Soul Communicator, Connie Fox

Connie Fox communicates directly and fluidly with Jesus, Angels and many other souls. She offers private phone consultations to answer your questions direct from spirit about any personal, medical or spiritual matter. She is also the published author of three books.