Connecting to God

Coming to experience our Father is a process. It requires your time, attention and desire. If you do not fully understand who or what our Father is, this means you do not yet know Him.

Our Father – our Creator – is very tangible. Yet, He only becomes known through feeling Him – experiencing Him. He cannot become fully understood through the mind’s intellect. If you think that believing in Him is all that is needed to unify with Him, you are mistaken.

I want you to experience our Father through your human form. That’s why you are all here; to experience your loving nature fully through your human form. If you ever feel empty, alone or like something is missing, know this is your Soul’s call to awaken.

I want to help you realize what is missing in your life and your world. God has become reduced to either an idea or a fallacy. The direct knowing of Him is not often experienced. Your Life Energy, or Spiritual Energy, or Holy Spirit, whichever you prefer to call it, is our Father. You can experience more of It or less of It. I am this Life. I am this Love. I am this formless energy that gives life into your form. It is eternal. Your present human form is but temporary. Your True Self is without form.

To awaken your True Self requires your conscious desire. It is your free will to want more or less of our Father’s Love. I want you to know that you are missing fullness of life. Most of you experience your life in the physical world without knowing who you really are. Your life is more limited than you can imagine when you do not realize your true nature. Awareness is what you have lost. Many of you walk in the dark unknowingly. You have forgotten God. Rest assured, He has never forgotten you.

How do you find our Father again? You tell Him that you want Him and you try to live for Him, not only for yourself. Do this by simply thinking of God, acknowledging Him and giving Him your heart’s devotion. Becoming consciously aware of your desire to grow God’s Life from within is the mustard seed that can change your direction.

Want God with your feelings, for this is what calls Him. You may learn about Me through reading the bible and other inspiring books, but you connect directly to God through your feelings – through your heart’s love and devotion. Emotions are the language of Spirit. – from the spirit of Jesus

Soul Communicator, Connie Fox

Connie Fox communicates directly and fluidly with Jesus, Angels and many other souls. She offers private phone consultations to answer your questions direct from spirit about any personal, medical or spiritual matter. She is also the published author of three books.