When you are confused about Me or God or life, be aware of it. This is a good place to be. Following confusion comes acceptance of Me to a higher degree. It is when you are certain of the path to God’s grace that you are most without it. You will go through a time of confusion about Me and God and life. This is a time to rejoice. For your condemnation has dissolved. God has no condemnation. You cannot have both condemnation and God. They are opposing forces.

Acceptance of confusion makes you open to God’s grace. Then He will take over your life. Reaching a place of knowing that you do not have all the answers is the best place to be. Then your mind becomes receptive to expanding. Your mind does not remain in a box if it is expanding. You will allow higher knowledge to come in when you realize you do not know more than the other. That is a dangerous trap. Being open and neutral minded is a better place to be. God will enter your heart in the most unexpected way. You will need to overcome your present beliefs, whatever they are, I assure you. Be open-minded and receptive to new knowledge.

Jesus (Feb 4, 2015)