1. You say you are a “Soul Communicator” and communicate with consciousness. Just what does that mean?
Consciousness is everywhere and somehow I am able to tap into it. I communicate with the consciousness (spirit) of almost any being, living or deceased, including one’s own soul, animals, angels, Jesus and Mahavatar Babaji.

2. How does this work?
Simply put, you ask a question and I receive the answer word for word, which I repeat to you exactly as I receive in response to your questions. There is an existing intelligence in every atom  of the universe. Some call this God or the energy Source from which we are all derived. This Source is omniscient, that is, all-knowing and the ability to hear answers from this formless energy was given to me spontaneously as a young adult. Everyone has access to this consciousness but many have simply lost touch with It.

3. Can you teach me how to access this divine Source so that I, too, can hear the answers to my questions?
The ability to direct a conversation with consciousness in a back and forth manner in this way just “happened” to me. I do not know how to teach or induce this in others.

That being said, everyone can access their Source and learn how to develop that more. Much of the content in my books, which are transcribed conversations with spirit, discuss how everyone can connect to Source through the intentional growth of their soul, how to effectively heal suppressed pain and fear, which blocks our awareness of our soul’s presence and awareness, and how to live a life that promotes the expansion of our Higher-Self.

In late 2013, during a consultation with me, Jesus gave my ‘soul sister’ and friend of many years a daily spiritual practice that effectively expands our spirit-self. He has urged her to share it with others. She now teaches this daily practice. For more info visit: www.HeartTechnique.com. The more we expand our soul, the more we connect with its unlimited resources, which include accessing the all-knowing wisdom of our Source.

4. Who am I asking my questions to during a consultation with you?
The answers come to me spontaneously and they usually come directly from the consciousness of Jesus Christ. But, if you prefer, you may direct your questions to others specifically, such as a deceased loved one, your own angels or the angels of others, your pet and basically, to anyone’s soul, including your own.

You may also ask questions directly to the consciousness of the cells in your body to find out exactly why they are creating a specific symptom and precisely what they need to heal.

5. What kind of questions can I ask during a consultation with you?

You may ask questions about anything. Many ask questions about relationships, family, finances, career-paths and work concerns; emotional and physical issues, creating more inner peace, revealing life’s purpose and spiritual growth.

You can easily be guided through challenging decisions and uncertainty, coping, grieving and loss. You may also communicate with your pets to better deal with their physical or behavioral issues. Some ask for better understanding and help with conflict resolution, legal matters, identifying obstacles in one’s life and even global concerns. I encourage you to have your own list of questions prepared for our consultation.

6. I don’t understand how you communicate to the cells of my body. And, can this really help me medically?

I am a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in mercury/environmental toxicity. However, it is not my acquired intellectual knowledge that I use during our soul consultations. There is an innate intelligent consciousness within each and every cell. It is this pure consciousness which provides the answers to your questions.

Many ask questions about their physical conditions, symptoms, or a medical diagnosis they may have received. I am able to go deeper than the outer symptoms of your experience and identify inner root causes. This often leads to healing at the source of the physical, mental or emotional imbalances. This can also reveal your body’s inner responses to foods, medicines or products you take, as well as the effects of your environment.

Many of my clients have reported improvements or complete healings with their health conditions. By communicating with the cells of their bodies, physical and emotional causes are revealed and as a result, these conditions can be transformed.

7. Are you a psychic or empath?
No. Typically, a psychic or empath “picks up” visual images, feelings and segments of information and then tells what they intuit in their own words.

I do not see visual images, pick up feelings or get pieces of information. During our consultation, I repeat to you the exact words I receive in response to your questions. I do not share my own thoughts, ideas, opinions, advice or relay my “inner feelings”. I stay completely out of it other than to communicate the answers to you, word for word, as given. I am literally a “transcriber” of the messages I hear.

Also, the answers given in response to your particular questions are direct and specific. I do not spend time or words talking about the irrelevant or what you may already know. After our consultation you will have clear and precise knowledge that is practical and useful to your situation.

8. Have you always been able to do this?
I was a young adult when I first communicated with a non-physical being. It was spontaneous and it really startled me at first because I knew I was hearing something and it wasn’t from a physical being in the room – yet it wasn’t my thoughts either. It scared the daylights out of me initially. I finally asked “who is this?” and immediately I got the answer: “I am one of your Angels that loves you and is here to support you”.