When you start crying your heart out, you are healing your pain and fear. Avoiding this keeps it all within you. This diminishes your state of awareness and experience greatly. It suppresses your love and joy and peace. Are you ready to begin healing? You can continue to delay it. But, that would be a shame of lost joy for life. When you are ready to face and feel your pain, the joyous life you are meant to experience is right around the corner.

Courage is required to face your pain. I will be bringing you people in the near future that can assist you with doing “Babaji’s Work”. Some of you may not feel strong enough to face it alone initially. I will bring you all the help you need to grow. But, know that feeling your pain can truly be easy. It just takes a little practice at first. All you need is the willingness to sit with it a little bit each day.

Each and every suppressed pain from more than a lifetime will come out of you, literally, again and again. Doing “Babaji’s Work” prevents you from staying stuck in it. He gets you through it without judgment. It is the judgment of your pain that makes it hurt so much. “Babaji’s Work” is going to be known world-wide. It is the way back to realizing your true self.

I know you are afraid to feel your pain but, know I am with you through it. You will have what you need to get past it with your willingness. Freedom is on the other side; a freedom you do not yet know. I wish I could give you the experience of it without going through this process, but that is not possible. I cannot take away what you create and want to hang onto. But, I can help you through it and I will. Know this.

Jesus (Feb 23, 2015)