Do you want a new life? Do you want to feel in peace every minute and in a state of joy for life every day? What would you say if I told you that you had it already? You do already have complete peace and joy. Your unhealed pain is just covering it up. As time goes by, another loss, another disappointment, and another hurt of some kind accumulates this energy inside – all because you do not feel it rightly.

Your pain and the underlying fears that cause them are the only thing that prevents you from living fullness of life. You’ve been taught to avoid them and cover them up. This is the most damaging thing you could do to yourself. It puts shame on you; deep shame and pain. You learn how to not accept yourself. You learn your natural feelings are bad and wrong. This makes you bad and wrong for being who you are.

You grow up feeling nothing that is real. Your life is a façade and you don’t even know it. You’re fully caught up in it by a young age. Now you know how to manipulate yourself. And you live and strive to be someone you are not. This brings ongoing heart ache and pain to a point that you lose yourself before even knowing who you are to begin with.

Now what happens to your soul self? It becomes terribly suppressed by suppressing your feelings your whole life. It feels more and more sorrow and emptiness. Yes, your soul has feelings; more than you could know. It wants you to love it. When you become unhappy enough, you begin to seek inside of yourself for something more. The time frame from point A to here is so many lifetimes you couldn’t count them; so many lifetimes of continued pain progressing. This is completely unnecessary. Lifetime after lifetime I watch you go down further. It is very painful for Me to see and to experience. All of this misery in one form to the next, until you are finally ready to give it all up; your pain and fear.

You cannot escape it forever. You will one day need to face it. You created it unknowingly, but you still created it. Only you can forgive it. It is your illusory existence that you have to accept to let go of it. I cannot do this for you. I can only help you do this for yourself. You are empowered to create what you want.

Feel daunted not. What is beyond daunting is continuing to live with hiding the truth. Know that you have to face your truth to come home to your natural state of peace and joy. Babaji specializes in facing the ego’s pain and fear. He is a master at this. He’s given you a method that makes it easier, much easier; more than you could begin to know right now.

Babaji will get you to the source of your suppressed pain and fear effectively. You need to feel it to heal it and become free of it. It only hurts so much when you resist it. When you allow it, you can actually have peace with it. Again I will repeat, there is only one thing blocking you from living to your potential and that is your unhealed pain and fear. Make doing “Babaji’s Work” your daily priority. When there is no more fear left to resist, enlightenment comes in an instant. Then, My way of living arises automatically.

Jesus (Feb 22, 2015)

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