Now that some of you understand more the importance of healing your emotional pain, I’d like to talk about something new. A wave of darkness is coming to earth. It will cover the globe. I know you may not want to think of it but, remember that hiding from truth is not going to prevent it. Facing the truth will give you freedom from your fear.

How you choose to face your fear is what is most important. You can make it worse or you can make it a positive. Facing your fear in a healthy way is not being negative; it is the opposite. Honor it with integrity. This means with honesty and a positive mind set. This means to make it a benefit.

A mass destruction is coming to this planet. It is inevitable. It has already been created. There is no reversing it at this point. Know that God always turns your errors into a blessing. You will not wake up without this blessing from our Father. He wants to put an end to the planetary suffering.

I have discussed the need for building self-sufficient communities. Now, I want to discuss the need for a healing facility in every one of these. Connie is going to help bring together My first community and healing facility. I invite you all to copy it. This will bring a new way of living to the world that you cannot bring about on your own. This way of living supports spiritual growth. There will be no name associated with it but love. Maybe you cannot distort the concept of the word love. Leave the name God out of it; that will only mess it up. Love is what our Father is made of – pure love. Do not think anything more about it. That keeps you stuck in defining it and then your beliefs become your “everything” and separate you from one another. Leave your beliefs out of it please. Put your attention on loving each other. This is the only thing you need to know – ever.

I would like a healing facility in each community. They will be needed. You all need to heal to grow. Make “Babaji’s Work” the primary purpose of the healing facility. But, also bring helpful knowledge to all, including any passers-by. Give them the knowledge I am sharing. Love them all. Support them all. They are your brothers and sisters. Never forget this. Know that they have all helped you at one time. You have all been together before, again and again. It is another time to bring each other love.

When you hear of a new government coming, claiming they will help all of you to be given more, know this is not in alignment with My way of living. I support your freedom. Anyone that takes this away is not to be trusted. What is your freedom? I will explain this in specific detail.

Being self-sufficient is one way of freedom. Self-sufficiency with your survival needs. Do not put yourself in the position of relying on any government for your survival needs. You are meant to live in groups, so you can share your gifts, living in love and harmony. Living solo is not natural nor is it even possible in the long term. A ruling government is not considered a loving and caring group to Me. Be able to support yourselves fully within each small community.

Freedom to have your own beliefs is necessary. You are fighting God’s world if you want others to have your own beliefs. You were not made to be the same in every way. This includes your beliefs. Honor each other’s beliefs. This is a freedom.

Making decisions for yourself is needed for freedom. This can get turned into a gray area. Keep it simple. What you choose to eat or do to yourself is your own freedom. Make no judgments about another’s personal choices. Learn for yourselves what feels right for you. This is sometimes different than another’s.

The freedom to live happily and in peace is needed. This means a life style that supports spiritual growth. This also means a balanced and healthy life style. Keep this simple also. Do not get into deciding for others what you think is healthy for them. Keep these opinions to yourself. Just be free to live a balanced and healthy life that allows for spiritual growth. Remember that putting your attention on growing spiritually will automatically bring balance to everything. Simply, support this for one another.

Freedom to teach and to learn what you want to support is another freedom. Allow each other to learn what they want for themselves. This is simple.

Children need their families back. Do not take over the parents’ place. Children need guidance and direction from their parents, families and friends. To clarify this more, do not allow any government to raise your children or make decisions for them.

Freedom to live in a healthy and clean earthly environment is needed. Support nothing that poisons yourselves and the earth.

Freedom to be at one with Me means taking all of these suggestions and making them one. Please keep it simple.

Jesus (Feb 23, 2015)