What do you want? I want to bring the answer to this more in your awareness. Write down a list of all you want. When you are done, come back to reading this. Now look at your list. What does it not include? This is likely what you need to do. You have it backwards. When I say “do”, I don’t mean you. Leave the doing to Me. Still your activity to connecting with Me. I will bring life to your goals and dreams.

This requires a letting go of your present way of living. It may seem foreign at first. Most all of you are addicted to action. This is the least effective way to create anything. I am unlimited. Still yourselves and consciously give Me your wishes. Spend your time in this stillness and allow Me to bring life to it Myself. This may make no sense for a little while, but try it and see. Literally, spend more time doing nothing and give Me your love and devotion. This love you give will blossom and become more and more felt. Then you will come to realize that I am now governing your life. This is when grace enters your experience. Effort is needed less and less. You gain power – My power to create.

Miracles become a daily occurance. You’ll start to absolutely love your life. You’ll want to give your love more and more. In time you’ll be laughing and singing and praising just to be living. You’ll await every day to see what I will create for you. Life becomes exciting and joyous and filled with gratitude. The experience of one life will begin. It is fulfillment beyond your understanding. One word is needed to put your attention on now – stillness. You find Me, God and your higher selves in stillness.

Jesus (Feb 22, 2015)