Whenever you are feeling lonely, think of Me and how much I truly love you. When you are feeling lonely, it’s because you’ve lost touch with My love. It’s so easy to fill your emptiness with My love. Just think of loving Me. To accomplish this, you must allow yourself time daily to connect with Me. What you value most are your material accomplishments, not realizing your higher self. What do you give more of your time to? This is what you value most.

Many of you want to turn your lives around to a more fulfilling place, but are caught up in the rat race of your chosen life. You may want out of it in your mind set, but you do nothing different about it. Remember that you create your life. Since you have no idea how to change your world as it is, nor how to get out of its craziness, I suggest giving your desire for more love and fulfillment to Me for a while. This requires connecting with Me intentionally. This energy you give to Me, I will manifest into what you need. Most of you do not do this and your world grows in more lack of consciousness, more imbalance, more pain and suffering, more dysfunction and a sicker world.

Connect with Me daily as much as you can. Make this a priority. There is not much time left to turn your lives around in the opposite direction. You must make these changes this year to be a part of the healers and rebuilders. Afterward, it will be too late. I will give you specific instructions again for how to become more in alignment with your soul’s wishes. Your soul is waiting to be wanted. It’s yearning to grow. Give your lives to it, not your houses and cars and clothes and your so called high standard living. This is the first change needed. You will find out that your soul can create more abundance in every way than your minds have ever thought about.

This means giving your energy out for the purpose of healing and rebuilding your lives and your world; your energy in time, in money, in thinking, in feeling, in activity and especially in stillness. What can you do today to help bring a community together? How can you make changes to have more time available to devote to this and to connect more with Me? Stillness will not be comfortable until you make progress healing the unexpressed pain and fear within you. Do not forget to do “Babaji’s Work” daily. Expand your soul intentionally with the “Heart Technique”. Remember to help bring more happiness to another each day. I could go on, but I have explained it already. Go back and read my previous words. You can change the trend you’re on.

Jesus (Feb 22, 2015)

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