Can you understand more about our Father now? Can you understand that He is not a He? In your English language, God could be called an It. I will continue using your common word of preference, but know that God is not a He. God is what was and is, before there was ever a he or she.

When the Bible was written and then rewritten again and again, no one involved in this process could understand a formless God. Men had all the ruling then and made themselves more like the god of their understanding from their words.

Formlessness means no form. Think about this for a minute. This formlessness must be a life force. It brings life to all life forms. So, can you better understand how God experiences Itself through all form? He literally feels what every life form feels. This is how I know how many hairs are on your head.

I am your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, your friend, your neighbor, all strangers, every animal. I am the planet earth. I am everywhere. What you give to another, you give directly to Me, your Creator. I do not experience more than a mere fragment of what I am through most of you. You limit Me greatly. You limit yourself. If you surrendered your will, your wants, your desires to Me, I would show you all that is possible.

You’re in a catch twenty-two now. You cannot know this until you do. Therefore, you do not want to. So, a leap of faith may be needed to find out. Try applying my simple guidance. My suggestions are extremely simple. I will do the rest to wake you up.

Jesus (Feb 21, 2015)