Can you begin to understand the significance of this time on earth? It is a time like no other. There is a new earth being formed in the source of creation. What you give it today creates what will manifest tomorrow. At this time, there is no changing the destiny of a needed new planet. Some of you are going there. Some are still on the fence. Others are bringing more love to earth and you are the healers and rebuilders.

All of you create your world each and every day. When you don’t consciously feel this from your heart, it seems unimportant. However, know that it is not. I want to get past your unconsciousness with this message and help you wake up. Choosing to go about your day in a self-centered or unconscious way, will become a deep regret. It will become a challenging pain to heal.

The power from your heart right now has increased influence in your world. This is because there is increased collective consciousness. There is increased power with stronger feelings. Where there is more fear, there is more love needed to balance it. The earth’s collective fear is growing stronger. Right now, I am needed to keep love from being over-powered by fear. You have to learn how to do this for yourselves. I will not support your stagnation much longer.

I want to express the importance of this time, for what has already been created is now unstoppable; a new life on earth and a new planet to inhabit. My heart will break with each one of you that go to this new planet. It will be a long journey with increased suffering. This will help you let go of your fear. Many of you are able to change the need to go there. Some of you are not. It is already inevitable.

Regardless, the energy you give out, be it in thought form, feeling or action, will make a significant difference in the outcome of your future. If you need this explained further, it is because your heart is not in a good place. You create loving experiences for yourself when you give love to others. When you give the opposite to others, you bring yourself pain and suffering. This is how life always works. Give of yourself every day in a loving, caring way. You will be grateful for it.

Jesus (Feb 20, 2015)