Many helpers from other worlds are trying to help humanity and earth. They know how to promote life energy in needed areas. They see what is near. They are as loving beings as you are capable of being. They do not have the choices humans have been given. They know no such thing as separation. They are always in harmony with God’s love.

This message is from their wish to be heard. I will repeat their words: “We are reaching a time where we can come closer and be seen. We want this so you can hear us. Without our bodies there, you cannot hear us from afar. But, we wait to do this because you are not ready to accept us yet. We could join with you as helpers of your world.  

Even though we inhabit at a far distance from earth, we are very affected by you. Your energy carries beyond earth’s cosmos and comes to us. It hurts us. It’s painful energy. It depletes us. It limits us greatly. We hurt for you, but also for ourselves. We want to help you understand how to bring harmony back to your land. We could be friends; the dearest of friends.  

We know how to bring life forms more life. We have more of God’s power available simply because we honor Him. We know how to share it well. We live for each other. We cannot imagine living how you live. You don’t even know about this. We wish you well and we hope this message sticks with you and your memory, so when we can meet personally you will be more open to us. Please know we are your friends”.

Jesus (Feb 22, 2015)