Many are starting to wake up inside just from reading My words. If you are still reading them, know you are ready for them. This means you are ready for My life. Do not get scared by hearing this, thinking it may mean giving up something. Your automatic thought about Me is often incorrect. So many have guilt associated with Me and My way of living. My life is a life filled with fullness and joy and laughter and love and harmony. Just be open to trusting this please.

My life, my way of living takes away nothing you want and gives you everything you do want, but have forgotten is possible. This being said, acknowledging you are a part of Me is needed. Just a tiny thought of this acknowledgment is needed to be accepted. Without your acceptance of Me, I cannot force Myself to expand within you. You must want Me. When I say this, I am referring to My level of consciousness. This means having the ability to accept My level of loving.

Acceptance of more love is all this means. Do not make it over-complicated. Do not bring judgments to it. Do not fear what I have to offer. I am not ever going to punish you. Get this thought out of your consciousness please. Your perception of Me has been distorted. I am here to bring you back to your true state of loving. There is no sacrifice involved with this. The word sacrifice has been interconnected with Me, not by Me, but by people in a state of ignorance. Please simply acknowledge this.

Ever since I was born as Jesus, people began to create their own version of Me. At that time, the word sacrifice was a strong belief. People believed in animal and human sacrifice, thinking this was in alignment with Me. This has left an inner fear within you that needs more awareness to heal.

Simply, recognize it is all false and not real. I came to you on earth in human form as your friend, your brother, your Father, your Creator, to bring you what you need to come back to Me. Know there is no sacrifice involved with this; not for you and not for any another.

Jesus (Feb 19, 2015)