When you have digested My words some more, come back and read them again. You will notice a big difference. Upon reading these words, you are absorbing My consciousness; My pure loving energy. It is the most powerful force in existence. You all have it the same. I’d like to explain more about the power of love and exactly what that means. I want to help you get past the fear of your own power – My power – God’s power.

This power is life energy, and as I have said, it is formless. There is a miraculous creation that occurs with the combination of your love for Me and a simple desire; such a gentle desire, it’s more like a little wish without attachment. This is when your power to create gets maximized to infinity. It is that second that occurs just when it enters your consciousness, before you even think about it. This could be called a pure desire.

What this means is that it comes to you spontaneously. In actuality, it’s a desire directly from God. It is not a desire that comes from your mind, but from your heart. This makes a big difference in the power behind it. There is absolutely no limitation to it. You are all learning how to tap into God’s wishes.

I will offer you a suggestion. If you at least think of God as someone watching you and what you do, not as a stern Father waiting to see something wrong in you, but as a loving Father that always loves you no matter what you do. And, imagine that you love Him back so much. Now think of how you may want to make Him proud of you for all He’s given you and you are so grateful. You’d naturally want to please Him, wouldn’t you? If this sounds like a turn off, know that your heart’s in the wrong place. Just be open to changing it. If you felt like this toward our Father and simply tried to please Him in all you do, you have no earthly idea what He would bring to you. Just try this pretend game for a little while.

Jesus (Feb 19, 2015)