I will give you more awareness through this message. Before the physical world was created, there was absolutely nothing. In time, this nothingness became aware of itself. Pure awareness was born. Pure awareness is what is in our form. It is pure stillness. Since your bodies live in activity; action, movement, thinking, feeling and sensing everything, this stillness can only be found when you still your bodies, minds and physical sensations. In this pure stillness, is your life force. It is your power.

Ever so gradually, you became busier and busier in activity. Your memory of where your power comes from has been forgotten. Now you scurry around each day in a blur. The presence of who you are has been lost in your awareness. This presence is our Father. He is life before all form. He is what gives life to all form. You know your forms well, but have forgotten where you come from. This is your true self. It is who you are before your human form. Since it is formless, you fear it. It seems like emptiness but it is fullness. It is fullness beyond your understanding. It is a completeness of everything within it. There is nothing empty about it. It is the complete opposite.

But, your minds cannot understand this no matter how hard they try. And what the mind cannot understand, it fears. When you know only what your mind knows, you live from its level of understanding, which is extremely limited. You must allow yourself to grow beyond your mind’s level of experience if you want to be whole – whole minded, whole hearted and whole in your direct experience. But, you do not know what this means, so it does not have much significance to you at this time.

Still, there is something inside each one of you that yearns for something more. Since you only know your outer form and outer world, you think what you need comes from there. Yet, it is another form you keep and it will never make you feel complete. It’s a never ending aimless seeking for “something”. You’ve been with this lack of consciousness for so long, not knowing you are living in a dream world. You are stuck in your dream world. It is to be enjoyed, that’s why you are here. Yet, you’ve forgotten the whole that is real.

All you need do to start remembering who you are beyond your form, is to tap into your Source. This is where you find fullness. It is who you really are. You’ve forgotten your true-self. I’ve given you the knowledge to find your Source. You will not understand the significance of it until you do find it. So, I invite you again to put your trust in Me and follow My guidance. Just give yourself a chance to see what becomes of it.

 Jesus (Feb 18, 2015)