A day is coming soon, but before there will be time to prepare for it, it will be gone. These words of wisdom I am speaking to Connie, many will disregard. I want to help you understand how Connie can communicate with Me and why it may be hard to believe. All of you, every single one of you were here on earth before.

There was a phase in life that you all created by My so-called religion, where connecting with Me was forbidden. Words in the Bible were tainted. People wanted Father’s power within them. They wanted it for themselves and not others. They created a new sickness of extreme doubt of what came naturally with your increased loving for Me; gifts; what you call special gifts; ways of communicating to Me and our Father; ways of hearing Me directly. You started to realize your power. Since their hearts were in the wrong place with Me, they became jealous. They wanted it for themselves and felt left out.

A deeper level of envy was created. So, they decided to take away your power. Their pride grew stronger and so did their envy toward Me and in time they decided to completely reject Me. They created rules to keep you away from loving Me. They brought tears and bloodshed and much suffering. They stole your babies. They forced you into submission without Me. They created a name for the new god on earth and that became a new world religion by which to live. In time, you all forgot your gifts. You pushed them far away. Now you feared them. This phase lasted a long time and you completely lost them.

There is a deep level of fear associated with them now. There’s something within that is left to be healed; a deep pain from rejecting Me. Know that if you had chosen to believe in yourselves and doubt thee not, I would have been able to change everything with your help. But, what you choose to believe is your destiny. And I had to let you carry that out.

Know this: what you want to believe is your truth. It may not be reality, but it is to you. All you have to do to change your world or what you believe is to ask yourself, “is this belief supporting My love and My power or the fear of a devil”? How can you tell the difference? If gifts emerge in the world that seem to bring you closer to Me, what is it all about? Does it empower you directly or make you more afraid? Does it make you dependent on another man to go to heaven? Do you feel more shame or liberation? Does your heart yearn for more or does your mind’s fear take over? Do you follow your heart or your head?

God is never to be feared. You have learned to fear your own Creator. Now what brings you closer to Me, you want to reject. Communicating to Me directly is a natural gift; one of many. And many of you simply will not accept this. You are repeating the past all over again, staying in ignorance. Give yourself permission to explore what you’ve been told is the devil. Pay attention to your heart. Logical thinking alone can set you free from this trap. Why would our Father not want you to know Him directly? He is not meant to stay at a far distance. You are here to remember Him. How can you remember Him if you fear letting Him in?

If you witness a way of connecting with Me, know that it is to be an inspiration to open up and grow more. It is not only for the other. You all have these natural born powers. Do not fear the word power because the jealous turned this word into something evil. You have all the power I do, not any less. Expand your thinking.

Jesus (Feb 15, 2015)