Have a mind, but know how to use it rightly. Your minds have taken over your life and world. Can you understand that what comes from the mind is always a perception? A perception is a way of thinking. Thoughts are not real. You have the gift of thinking, but instead of simply utilizing it, you came to believe you are it. What you think is not who you are. You’re completely caught up in a fantasy world. If you could slow your lives down and begin to relax, so many feelings would come up.

At first, it would be many painful feelings in one form or another. But, in a short time, you would come to realize some feelings you do not know. A peace that passes all understanding comes to the surface. It is the most wonderful feeling. Nothing could compare to it. Then beautiful things start happening. The most incredible things you never thought possible. I cannot even put any words to it. Love blossoms within you like a flower. Rays of sunshine come out from inside; an inner joy that is indescribable comes alive. Hearts join together as one – one by one. Then all of a sudden, your heart merges with them all and our Father and ecstasy has returned. Can you imagine living in this state? If you can, then you’re using your mind rightly.

Jesus (Feb 15, 2015)