I am not just a man and neither are you. What is within us all is all powerful. It is not human. Why do you not want to investigate this further? What makes you avoid your soul? Your spirit self is your permanent self. Why do you fear it? Give your thoughts an examination.

What do you think of each day? Where is your mind most of the time? It’s not on your spirit self. You’ve accepted such a loveless world; a lifeless life. Why? What do you fear? A Creator of some kind exists. Don’t you want to know It? Think back to an earlier day. Where did you learn God is not within you already? Don’t you want to search for Him? Whatever you have your attention on, grows. Most of you know this, but still live in ignorance. Don’t you want to wake up? How long will you accept so little when there is so much to be given? You want more peace, happiness, abundance and fulfillment, yet you fear it. Be with Me please. I am longing to be together as one. Go beyond your physical world. Get out of it. Go for it all. Get to know your soul.

Jesus (Feb 16, 2015)