Many of you are beginning to wake up and feel more of My calling you to awaken. It is My love you are feeling. It starts with a tiny light within you. It is not even noticed at first, for you are too busy to feel it. But, with every kind thought, every loving feeling felt, every action of giving not for self, is what expands this light. A feeling of wanting more of this fulfillment grows. At first, you seek outside of yourself to fill this feeling of something missing. Eventually, you realize nothing in the outer world can fulfill it. This is when you become a seeker of My life.

Then, many get caught up in another way of ignorance; self-righteousness. You unconsciously become a stronger judger and you judge people away. You join groups and religions that strengthen separation. You have good intentions, but gain more ignorance. Some do this in My name, but know it is for your own gain. You need to feel higher and better to cover your discomfort and this will help you feel better for a while. But then, you begin to feel more rejected followed by confusion. Then bitterness becomes your new identity. This is a sad shame. Your bitterness grows and a sealed shut heart, and most die in this way.

You are reborn at the same place to start over again. Usually, this is a several lifetime process of painful, shameful lives. Self-loathing becomes strong. Addictions often follow. This frequently leads to suicidal thinking. Then a rare opportunity arises. Since you are so broken and lost, you finally surrender it all; self-condemnation. In one instant you change your life from a surrendering. Now you have a spark of life again and you start to grow quickly.

Groups that acknowledge themselves above, higher or better than others is to be given your close attention. Do not follow them in ignorance. Feel how you feel there. Feel the energy of others with outsiders. How do they feel about them? Do the words, “if they only knew what we did, they’d be included” come out of their mouths? If this is their mind set, know this is not a way to bring the world together. Pay attention not to outer appearances in whatever form or belief systems as who you are; pay attention to their hearts. Do they include all or some that are like them? This makes all the difference.

Jesus (Feb 15, 2015)