Come to a place of knowing your power. If you had a billion dollars in the bank, but did not know how to write a check, you would not have access to it. This is where you are. You have spiritual power. It is a limitless power. There is no end to it.

Whatever you believe becomes your reality. You believe in a power other than Me. Fear is your other power. It is man-made, not God made. It is not even real. But, your physical world is created by you and whatever power you choose.

How do you surrender your fear? You replace it with Me – My power, My way of living, My way of loving, My way of giving, My way of thinking, My way of surrendering. You simply give it to God. You cannot do it without His help, so you try to give yourself to Him instead of to your fear. It is that simple. God does the rest.

Transition your thinking toward what you can do for Him rather than what you can do for yourself. It is that easy. Each morning, ask God, “what can I do for You that I think you would be happy about”? What comes through your heart? Write it down so you do not forget. Then do it. Begin each day in this way. This will open your heart to Him. When you open your heart to Him, you become an open channel to His spiritual power.

Jesus (Feb 15, 2015)