Can you imagine life on earth when everyone lives together as one? Everyone is happy. No one is in stress. There is no such thing as depression and sickness. You sleep like a baby with a smile on your face. You are at total peace. When you reach this place, miracles start to happen in another way. You realize your power. You become masters of your world, not the other way around as a slave in bondage going with the crowd. You become masters of life.

Right now, there is a negative connotation with this word. So many have destroyed this beautiful, natural process. Where is your power? You all have it the same. You follow behind your made way of slavery. Wake up and get out of it. With My help, you are not helpless. I can only help you grow. If you are on the wrong path, I sit in waiting. I am here to help you come to our Father. Free hearts have My full assistance. You know not what I am capable of. Come to Me alone. Tell me you are ready to be free. Follow My other guidance. I will bring you all the assistance you need. You are not waiting for Me.

Jesus (Feb 14, 2015)