There is a special way to connect with Me. Say these words to our Father: “You are Me and I am You. We are already one. I am not separate from God. I only need to remember we are one. When my awareness remembers this, I will realize that I am the one I have been seeking all this time. Within my conscious awareness, within my knowing and understanding, I am also all other life. Nothing is separate from me. I am born without this knowledge of truth because I am born into a separate body and world. I need to learn how to let go of how my mind knows, so I can become aware of this awareness. This requires the dying of who I think I am. Surviving is my instinct. But, if I understand this message to a certain degree, I can skip the fight for survival. Acceptance of this will include everything else that’s needed to become one again in my conscious awareness”.

Jesus (Feb 14, 2015)