Whether or not you believe this is Me, pay attention to these messages. Pay close attention. How do you feel? The mind plays tricks, but not the heart. You need no one to tell you who you are. Listen to your feelings. They connect you directly to Me. I want you to become more aware of your heart’s wisdom and your soul’s presence as one. Can you not look around and see what you have become immune to? There is no guessing the trend you’re on. I cannot take away what you all created without your open willingness. You created it, you must want to correct it. Otherwise, you’d just do it again. Believe or not, but open your hearts enough to do something about it. Bring back God’s way of living. Now it’s time for action. Tonight, before you sleep, kneel on your knees to our Father and tell Him you give Him your life. Surrender yourself fully in the kneeling position. This makes it more real to you. Try to create a community in love’s name, not any other.

Jesus (Feb 14, 2015)