Surrendering is easy if you trust Me. But, what do you do when you don’t know Me enough to trust Me? This is exactly how you surrender your life to God:

You think about Him more and more each day. If you are not thinking of Him, your consciousness does not include Him. Think of Him as often as you can throughout the day. These times you are thinking of Him, need nothing from Him. Simply, want to give Him your devotion.

Thank Him often for what you have. Think not about what you do not have. If you think with gratitude about what you do have, He will give you more and more good.

You must acknowledge Him as your giver; the giver of your life and all you have.

Give Him your grace. This means help His children, His animals and His earth.

Ask Him for what you feel you need; every single need. Ask Him to take care of everything.

Know He is the Creator of this world, not you. This will help you surrender your resistance to what He wants. In time you will come to know that His way is always your highest choice. You will come to know this and trust Him.

Simply, know He knows better and do not resist Him. This means do not resist what is happening this very moment. You resist almost everything. When you resist what is happening, you are resisting Him. This is your biggest obstacle. Just give in to His will, accept His will every moment, every day. This will become automatic in time as you develop your trust in Him.

Try to be kind, caring and loving to all, including yourself.

Ask Him for help getting to know Him better. This means to feel Him more, not understand Him more in your mind through intellectual learning.

If your feelings are genuine for Him, He will expand from within.

Jesus (Feb 14, 2015)