I am coming back again within you, this I have explained. I want to explain more about My consciousness. Christ is a term that defines Me. It means all loving. I want you to clearly understand the qualities that come from Me. Love-based qualities are: gratitude, trust, compassion, joy, peace, fullness, patience, understanding, humility, sharing and happiness. These qualities are feelings. You feel more of these feelings the more you love. When you feel these feelings to your highest potential, you are a Christ, like Me. This simply means fully loving.

Your minds are able to think how they choose. You have freedom to think anyway you’d like. But your minds have great limitation. These feelings I’ve mentioned cannot be felt with the mind. Your minds are better left out of this. Use them as you need to live and learn and grow and communicate. But, when it comes to developing Christ consciousness, leave your minds out of it. Let your heart be your guide. This means your feelings. Logical thinking and good reason can never be your guide to Me. Until you know your truth from experience, try not to define Me.

Jesus (Feb 14, 2015)