I’d like to discuss something new now. I want you to better understand how you were created. It will expand your consciousness just hearing this. God began to realize Itself. How God began you cannot understand until you become one with Him.

But, how you began, I’d like you to now know. You were born in human form for one purpose: to enable God to experience through physical form. It is that easy; to experience His love. God could not contain it within unexpressed any longer. The nature of love is the expression of it. The force of this energy is absolutely unknowable. Segments of life in physical form burst into physical existence at the same time. Human beings became at a later date. With progression and evolution, there came a time when existence on earth was ready for beings with a higher state of consciousness. This means having the ability to express God fully.

The first man and woman was born not a baby, but as husband and wife; soulmates; the perfectly loving female and male. And life was good. Humanity began. For a long time, all experienced this way of life. But, with freedom to choose your life comes the opportunity to take over your life; to develop the thought that you are your Creator. With this tiny thought came a more self-centered way of thinking. Living became more about you and less about loving. Now you are at a time of total God denial. Even if you believe in God’s existence, you cannot live it.

There are very few on earth who have surrendered their lives to God fully. These few souls are feeling God’s misery effectively. They are keeping the collective force of your fear from expanding. Now it is a time for you to make a choice; a conscious choice. Do you want to grow spiritually and are you willing to do so, or not?

Earth needs to annihilate those who choose to remain ignorant, contributing more fear so they can inhabit a different planet. This will force them to grow. It is a gift from our Father to help end your pain and suffering. But, it is not the lovely and beautiful earth. It would be a pity to need more suffering to break free. Many of you are ready to grow. You are capable of growing. So, you will remain on earth and create harmony again.

There will be a time of destruction and transition. The people who know they do not intentionally cause harm may feel rejected. Know there are no victims. You have ignored the suffering of so many. You support the torture of animals. You know people and children are starving, sick and hurting. You choose ignorance over loving and caring and giving. There is always a consequence for every action and every non-action you choose. It is simply cause and effect. There is no judging, just cause and effect; what some call karma.

Your pride has become your everything, while thinking you are not hurting anybody. Your perception is a delusion. No one should be suffering. There is much suffering on earth and your cars and houses and jewelry and things and social status and employment positions are more important. This means more important than Me. I am the Creator of your soul. You’ve destroyed your world. You must wake up your dormant hearts one way or the other.

Jesus (Feb 13, 2015)