Now, what are you going to choose? What are you going to do? It is all up to you. You have God’s support whatever you choose; support toward growth in whatever form you need. God wants you to want Him so you can become free. So, begin creating living communities that can be free; free from dependence on anyone but Me. Depend on each other to live as one within the community, but not any other.

The governments of the world are going to destroy themselves. You cannot rely on them anymore to lead you in safety and harmony. You need no leader but Me. I will say it again, need no one but your Creator. This is being free. God will govern your life better than any self-made man. The self-made man can never last. In time, they turn into dust.

Now for how to get this new life on earth started: create an international social network page and share your thoughts and feelings. Make a plan with others who support a loving destiny. First you need a property. Bring people together who can support one another on your new journey to creating love for life again in peace and harmony and joy to your highest potential.

Make these communities no larger than 300 people. I will tell you why. If they are larger than this, governments will see you as a bigger threat and will tear down your community. They want you dependent on them. They are trying to take God’s place. Their perception sees not what I see. Illusion is their reality. Be fully independent in this community. Provide all you need for yourselves.

Meditate together within this community – a certain time morning and before dinner. Eat food in its natural state. Pray together. Enjoy life together. Make this property in a nature setting. Utilize nothing that poisons yourselves or the earth. Share what you are learning with each other. Have no secrets amongst each other. Try to be true to one another. Discuss your feelings when negative feelings arise. Support one another through this time of healing and rebuilding. Teach children not to fear God, nor themselves, nor you. Honor their feelings. Create a new generation with much less fear. In one generation, our present earth, filled with emptiness and sorrow, pain and despair, wars and famine, sickness and separation can be a thing of the past.

This is how quickly you can become whole again with Me. Fear not the outer world. Focus on your inner world. This is what will help.

Jesus (Feb 13, 2015)