A carefree heart I want to define for you. Your heart is naturally like this: open to loving all instantaneously simply because you are brothers and sisters. This statement can mean little to some, for even blood siblings have lost their instinctual loving. There are no hesitations demonstrating your love for each other. It is automatic. There is nothing to hold you back from expressing your love and care to all. You naturally want to help them if they need help. You naturally want to bring them happiness. You naturally want to give them your joy. It delights you to bring others joy more than anything you could want for yourself.

Your heart swells with love and gratitude to our Father when you are able to give love to your fellow brother. There is no such thing as concern for how others view you. You fully love and accept yourself with no reservations. You are so grateful to each other for helping you to be who you are. This quality of loving is natural. It is spontaneous. There is no effort involved with being loving, kind and caring to all. Fear does not exist.

You love the same Father for your life, whatever your minds know. You honor and cherish everyone’s unique personality and qualities. You all live your lives for God. You would want it no other way because He fulfills you more than life itself. His love for you is felt and known. There is no greater love than His. You want for absolutely nothing. This is a small taste of knowing your true state.

If you do not spend time each day to feel your pain – your pain that blocks you from this state of awe for life, it will take so many lifetimes to break free from the pains that prevent you from living this way. Do you want that or not? Make “Babaji’s Work” a common household name. Make it a daily practice to heal away your pain. In a very short time you will wish you had done it long ago. It takes only a little practice at first to become comfortable feeling your pain and fear. Quickly, you will look forward to it because you’ve started to feel the benefits.

Sickness goes away. Painful conditions fade away. Dysfunction fizzles out on its own. Lack becomes no more. Emptiness becomes replaced with fullness; a fullness no words can describe. You come to realize your home has been within you all along. There is no more searching for anything. The love for God returns. Gratitude swells within you and it is a joy just existing.

As you heal more suppressed pain, your awareness of God grows through your soul and heart, within your consciousness. Your soul becomes who you are. Your body is only a host and you know this. You have the power to create as I do. There will come a time when you will not understand limitation or fear. You all become masters of the divine.

Jesus (Feb 12, 2015)