Forgiveness is known of, but not often experienced. Many think giving forgiveness means to give someone your forgiveness. It is the opposite. Give yourself forgiveness. This is what makes forgiving others effortless. If someone caused you pain in any way, pay attention to it; the it, not the person. What is the it? It is your pain. What pain are you feeling? Name your pain. Give it your attention, your awareness. It will heal away on its own simply through honoring it. It is the resisting of it, your pain, that keeps it a part of you. The longer you resist it, the stronger it becomes and the more pain it creates. Sit down with it – your pain. Acknowledge it, feel it and honor it – fully. This is the easier way to forgiving others. It is the only way to true forgiveness. You are forgiving yourself when you do this.

Jesus (Feb 12, 2015)