A Recommended Prayer from Jesus: I am here to ask You, my Creator for a deeper and stronger connection to the Love that You are. I am ready to add more of Your awareness into my conscious awareness. I feel incomplete without You. I feel an emptiness without You. I feel fear without You. My world is a limited world without awareness of You. The less love in my heart, the less aware I am of You. Living life without full awareness of You brings painful experiences. The pain is there to get my attention and let me know something is missing and incomplete. I have lost the understanding of why we experience pain. The entire world has forgotten this. I want You back in my conscious awareness and direct experience in life. Nothing can fulfill me as You can. I want You back. Please show me how I can live a life more in accordance with unifying as one heart, one mind and one soul again. I am lost without You Father. I love You and want to grow closer to You.

Jesus (Feb 3, 2015)