Where do you go to develop these communities? There is a time coming when all locations south will not be habitable. There will be poisons in the air that cause bacterial infections in the air, the water and the soil. It will take time for these areas to clean the debris. Where it stays 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below are the places to be for a while. Such a pity to have this beautiful land a disaster. But, the earth will heal. Know this. But it needs to be uninhabited for a time. I want you to understand what is bringing this disaster and sickness world-wide. Selfishness and self-centeredness. It’s all a matter of heart; the quality of your heart. Your minds control your life, not your heart. This is what you’ve created. Practical advice is now needed. Many of you will read my messages and heed my advice. Many will never read them. Some will simply ignore them. Some will waver between feeling a rightness with my words, but will not feel like inconveniencing themselves to follow them. It is a matter of pride over heart and wisdom. It is your free will to awaken. I am giving you the knowledge you need to know to awaken here on earth.

Jesus (Jan 28, 2015)