Make amends with your past. This means to let go of your past painful experiences. If you harbor and store the painful emotions (energy) from past painful experiences, you will re-create these painful experiences again and again; perhaps through a different person and a somewhat different situation. But, the past will repeat itself again and again until you have faced, felt and healed the negative energy stored within your body’s cells.

Learn an effective way to face, feel and heal your accumulated pain and fear from past experiences and you will save lifetimes of unnecessary suffering. These repeated experiences are opportunities to heal this remaining energy. If you were to face what is there, you would bring freedom from your past very quickly.

I created the HOPE Technique for this purpose. You will not understand its full value until you have gained the benefit from doing it. Know that until you free yourself from your accumulated pain and fear energy, you will attract and create more experiences that cause the unhealed         energy to surface. Skip this unnecessary and lengthy process that denies you access to your freedom. Eventually, all fear must be acknowledged, felt and honored.

Do the HOPE Technique daily to quickly bring yourself to freedom from your past. The HOPE Technique specializes in courageously facing what is not in alignment with love and annihilates it without getting involved in it. There is love and fear in the form of energy within your body’s cells and consciousness. Until you heal all fear, ignorance remains and unifying with Christ consciousness is not possible.

Jesus (June 26, 2015)


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