Can you see how you create one form of stressful situation after another? Can you see how you need one experience after another to feel at peace and happy? Can you see how you are continuously discontent with your present experience? Can you see how life is never good enough as it is? Do you notice you are always in a place of striving for something new, for something to be different than what it is?

This is the nature of the ego’s perception; that the present is not good enough, that you are lacking something and need something more. This means you are constantly resisting the present moment as it is. This also means you are resisting God’s will.

May I make a suggestion that will help you surrender this never ending path of discontentment and lack of fulfillment? Recognize that nothing in the physical world will meet your satisfaction; no person, no thing and no situation. Reaching acknowledgment of this fact creates a new beginning toward finding the peace of God that is always within you already, but unable to be felt or experienced.

This is a new beginning in your search for God. Disappointment will find you again and again, until you let go of your search for something or someone in the physical world to fulfill you. I wait for this time of realization from you.

This is when you can begin making true progress merging toward my level of awareness. This means unifying with our Father’s love. Separation from our Father’s love begins to melt away when you stop searching outside yourself for contentment; when you consciously acknowledge that only your Source of love can bring you fulfillment. It is a long journey in most cases to reach this time. One painful, disillusioning experience after another is this journey. I’d like to help you jump from this path to the path that leads to directly connecting with God.

God awareness is soul awareness. They are one and the same. Having the desire for soul awareness must first be present to start developing it more significantly. Your soul will not make you desire something you do not yet want. It will wait for you to desire Its growth and Its awareness. It waits for you to want to get to know It. This is when you become a “spiritual seeker”. You begin to seek more than which is from the physical world.

Now, you are on the “spiritual path”. A new driving force steers you in life. It is your soul expanding more, in search of Itself through your perception. It wants to unify with you – the human you – through your awareness.

It becomes a war between your ego-self and your soul-self wanting to enliven more. Your ego resists and your soul allows. Constantly, your ego wants you to feel more of it, which is dissatisfaction and fear. Your soul allows you to do what you will. For if It were to force you to It instead, It would not be out of genuine devotion for It and would not be a real expansion of more love.

It is the expansion of your love that connects you closer to your soul’s awareness. Resistance energy is not loving energy. When you resist what life brings you, your soul growth is son hold. It will wait for you to be in a place of surrender to grow more. Being at war with yourself is a painful, slow process until you come to realize that you can never win.

There is no end to this insane pattern of living in ignorance. Your nature at this time is to resist whatever is. The ego’s perception is resistance and the soul’s perception is acceptance. Induce awareness of your soul’s perception by consciously remembering to allow whatever is.

This could be the weather, your boss’s feelings about you or a coworker, the driver in front of you, the conditions of your life in any area, the behavior of another person, a loved one’s illness or your own, the fact that you age, your perceived limitations, whatever you feel you lack. Get to the point of recognizing that whatever is, will not be good enough.

When you can fully understand this truth, you will begin the process of learning how to surrender to what is and allow, rather than staying in the phase of resisting and trying to manipulate life to a ‘better’ condition, which will never suffice. Staying in this unconscious mode of resistance becomes conscious by simply recognizing your resistance. Just a simple mental acknowledgment brings awareness to it; to the unconscious pattern of your perception.

As you become more aware of how only you and your perception is what brings you all your grief, surrender can then become a part of your life. This is when you develop soul awareness. It is accomplished simply through resisting life less and less. A momentum of less resistance and more allowance enters your life and your true state of peace begins to emerge. Call it the peace of God or the peace of your soul. It is one and the same. Resisting whatever is, is simply a habit. Bring awareness to it and you will begin your soul’s journey. Fulfillment quickly follows.

Jesus (June 27, 2015)