When you come to realize that nothing can fulfill you but the presence of our Father, you begin to let go of everything you have been clinging to for happiness. You just stop wanting anything from the physical world and your mind and heart stays on God. You want nothing else but the presence of God.

This is a time of complete and total waiting. You can do absolutely nothing but wait for God to enlighten you. You are utterly helpless. Fighting this time is futile. You are meant to be in this time of waiting. You need this time of waiting to become fully open to His coming. All desires from your mind become meaningless. Everything you thought had meaning has none. You will not be satisfied with anything but God awakening within your consciousness.

Your daily existence becomes more and more empty; more and more meaningless. Your disconnection to our Father becomes more and more felt. The pain of separation becomes more intense. Recognize the gift in this. Your lessons learned are bringing you to this moment of grace.

Surrender to this. Intentionally feel the meaninglessness of your existence without God. Let your yearning for Him be felt fully. Do not resist this discomfort. Look for it. Tap into it intentionally. Honor your soul’s call to awaken. Give God your thanks for this time of deeper emptiness. Acknowledge how broken you are without His direct connection. Be with it. Surrender to it and wait for Him to awaken your heart.

Question: How do we know we have entered into this phase of our development rather than gotten off track somehow?

Jesus: You will know. The readiness for God comes after putting your energy toward achieving God awareness in a significant way.

Jesus (June 24, 2015)