When you care enough about developing your consciousness beyond the confines of the ego-based perception, you will begin to surrender everything you have been taught that is not in alignment with love. What you consider challenges, begin to occur more frequently. What has been giving you your sense of identity and false security begins to dissolve. One by one, the various forms of your identity become lost in one way or another; health, money, a position, a loved-one, a lifestyle, your status or reputation, possessions.

It is the losing of yourself – your ego-self – that begins to make room for your Higher-Self to awaken. What you have mistakenly learned to rely on for your false sense of peace, confidence and self-worth becomes completely lost. You are now ready to learn how to rely on me for all you need. You may not be comfortable doing this at first. This is typically a frightening process and you often resist accepting these changes. It is this resistance which causes you suffering. It also strengthens fear-based emotions; anger, guilt, jealousy, sorrow and self-pity.

During these times of unwanted loss and change, know it is an opportunity for you to develop the willingness to transition toward trusting God to take over your life. But, you would rather believe you are the one in control of your life, so you typically continue to allow your ego’s-identity to strengthen. You become more and more engulfed in your resistance and fear. Suffering continues. You do not want to surrender that which you have learned is merely the idea of who you are. Many of you will resist to your very death rather than to let me guide you through what I want for you. You do not yet trust me.

You cannot learn how to trust in me until you surrender your resistance to the loss of what you are experiencing. It is important for you to consciously remind yourself that you have absolutely no control over your life. You may think that you are the one that created your life as it is, but know that you have what you have because God has given it. Consciously acknowledging this brings is a more surrendering perception. What is the value in this? You begin the process of learning acceptance. Through the acceptance of what you are resisting, comes the loving power of God into your life. The peace that passes all understanding begins to emerge from within. This has nothing to do with the circumstances in your life being in alignment with your personal desires.

This is growing up spiritually; the maturing of your soul. When you notice you want to change your present moment experience, for any reason whatsoever, remind yourself that it is God who has all the power. Doing this one, simple mental reminder will help this process of growth come much quicker and easier.

You will eventually learn how to unify with God’s will. This means that you want to allow it, whether the present experience is your personal preference or not. I developed the humility needed to surrender all resistance to God’s will. What is the value in this? You are becoming more of our Father. You are allowing Him to grow within you. This gives you the peace of God from Him that is not dependent on outer circumstances. This is where your power lies. It lies in the allowance of God to manifest what He wants, which will bring you to oneness in your consciousness. This is the fulfillment you seek, but do not yet know of.

You do not know this is what you are constantly seeking until you have found it. You resist what your soul is striving for. Surrender your resistance to each and every moment, through each and every loss, through each and every ‘challenging’ experience. My grace is waiting for you. It comes when you allow your present experience to be as it is. Your trust in me will grow. Your own plans are not going to free you from the bondage of separation and fear. My plans do. Consciously surrender your resistance as it arises – again and again and again.

Have no other goal than to succumb to my will for you. This will bring you your true heritage. This will bring you what you are wanting, but have forgotten.

Jesus (June 18, 2015)