What are your personal goals right now? What are your heart’s desires? What are you yearning for? What are you trying to create in this life? These are questions to ask yourself. I’d like to explain how to bring together your earthly human desires and your soul’s desires as well.

Your human identity wants experiences from the physical world. Your soul wants the experience of reunion with your Creator. Developing God consciousness in the physical world is one of both action and non-action (stillness). How do you live in the physical world with physical needs and desires, while also honoring your soul’s call to spiritually awaken?

It is intended that you grow your awareness toward God consciousness while also participating in life on earth. You are meant to experience both the inner and the outer qualities of life together.

Some spiritual seekers remove themselves from society to be alone and more reclusive to partake in spiritual practices. They can make some spiritual progress, but go from creating one imbalanced state to another imbalanced state. After a period of time, other imbalances develop as a result of not participating in the world and their spiritual growth again becomes challenging.

I want to tell you how to experience the best of both the physical and the spiritual simultaneously. This means living in the physical world while also intentionally growing spiritually toward God awareness. This is how I define balanced living. It is the integration of consciousness into both the physical and spiritual.

Creating a regular, balanced daily routine greatly helps. Spontaneous right action occurs as you become more in balance with right living. I’d like to offer a basic, daily schedule; one that creates living a balanced life. Balanced living allows for more rapid spiritual expansion and getting to know your Source of love – God.

I want you to know what a balanced life is like, as most of you have no idea anymore. Imbalanced living is a great impediment to growing your soul. Living your life in sync with nature, with the rhythm of life, of natural and spontaneous right action, has become devalued in your society.

For those who are ready and want to know how to live a daily life in alignment with growing your soul, here is a good general guideline: Wake up as the sun rises and go through your daily activities. Transition yourself toward a more relaxed state with the setting of the sun and go to sleep near the high rising of the moon.

  1. Begin your morning connecting with your Source – the presence of God. Talk to God, connect with God consciously. Meditate. Listen to your inner intuition. This is a time for stillness; a time to develop your inner qualities that come from soul expansion.
  2. Spend about six hours a day working, doing what you love. Do that which feels like your purpose. This includes following your passion. Do work that you are naturally good at, or want to be, and that is enjoyable to you. Do work that also contributes toward the good of humanity, the community in which you live and for the good of all on earth.
  3. Eat meals at about the same time each day. Eat in a relaxed, non-active way.
  4. Acknowledge God throughout your day. Remember He is with you. Connect with God in your mind and heart. Tell Him you want Him to grow and expand within. Tell God you love Him and want to unify with Him; that you want to be in alignment with His desires and to serve Him throughout your life on earth. Think of God throughout your day; talk to Him; share your thoughts with Him; your needs, your desires, your fears, your feelings and what you feel grateful for.
  5. Allow freedom-time during your day to be spontaneous. This simply means to be able to take breaks from your work for fun, for relaxing, for helping someone with their needs, to take a walk or other form of exercise, to spend time in nature, to have enough flexibility to do so throughout your day. Allow for time to enjoy friends and family. Be present in your awareness; avoid multi-tasking.
  6. Before your evening meal, have another time in stillness for deeper connection to God. Meditate. Commune with your soul. Feel your heart’s love grow for the love of God and your life. This is another time to tune into stillness.
  7. Eat dinner and do not work afterward. It is a time to relax and settle down before sleeping.

This is a general structure for you to live a well-balanced life. As you begin to settle your mind’s activity and your nervous system, you will begin to integrate your natural peaceful energy into your active, waking state. Your emotional state will become more in alignment with the natural state of harmony, love and joy. Spontaneous right action develops automatically. Connecting with the divine deepens and in time begins to create your life for you. You will do less to accomplish more.

This would bring a quality of ease and grace to your lives on earth. Most lives are formed in a continuous state of stress and irritation and emptiness, with little or no soul growth. This is why there are extreme imbalances at all levels on earth at this time. The only way to transition into right living, which means your natural way of living that creates a joyful, purposeful and fulfilling life, is to start living your lives in a way that allows for the further growth and development of your soul.

A life of extreme busyness has become an addiction that most people on earth have developed. This is the opposite of a life connected with God. Society is becoming more and more of a God-less existence. This creates more sickness, dysfunction and suffering for all life on earth.

Learn to become comfortable being in stillness. Become comfortable with a more relaxed, carefree and joyful life; one with connection to God’s love through the connections to His life forms on earth. Remember that His love needs to be experienced more to become more of Him. This means experiencing love, fun and happy times with your family and friends, animals and earth’s life forms (nature). Cultivating your love energy is cultivating the God within you.

Question: Jesus, many people would love to have the luxury of this daily routine as you describe. Most of us are not so free to live our lives this way unless we are independently wealthy. Most in my country (USA) have to work way too many hours just to meet their basic needs. Many families have both parents working and do not have time for stillness, meditating and connecting with you, nor for relaxed, fun times doing what we love. What can you suggest for the majority of us who are not independently wealthy and are unable to schedule our time as we would like to?

Jesus: First, you must want this. Many of these people you refer to do not genuinely want this. They are already addicted to a stressful, busy life without God or a deeper loving connection with others. They do not know enough to want more. They voluntarily accept living a numb and lifeless, loveless, joyless and unconscious, “busy” existence, disconnected from the presence and awareness of God.

For those who truly want a different life, I suggest you prioritize your goals, desires and time to support and enable this quality of life. Give God your desire for this. Do what you can in the meantime to go in this direction. Live simply. God will support this desire if it is genuine. But, you must start putting your thoughts, desires and energy into creating this first.

Jesus (June 13, 2015)