A global awakening is occurring now. It is a time for the collective consciousness of all on earth to choose a deeper experience of spiritually progressing or digressing. Stagnation is not being supported anymore. Our Father wants you to awaken and to know Him. He wants you all to grow into wanting Him. He wants you to grow beyond believing in His existence, into the direct experience of knowing Him. It is time to transition from a separate you to a united you; the knowing you are all One and not separate after all. This is strictly a matter of your level of awareness; your consciousness.

Most of you on earth have been at a very limited level of consciousness, stuck in the belief that you are all separate from each other and Me, your Creator. This means you are stuck in the creation of pain, separation and fear. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all driven by the belief that you are a separate being, living your lives to serve yourselves.

I am not going to allow the furthering of this progression to continue much longer. By this I mean, a further, more intense decline in human behavior that supports stagnation in the development of human consciousness.

A time is near when you will all be given a choice to make; not one by default, but a conscious choice. On earth, there is a fork in the road to which you are all growing near. This time has been discussed by many spiritual teachers of many cultures, modern scientists and physicists, other spirit communicators like Connie, the few remaining primitive communities and from those who partook in the writings of the Bible and other Holy books from various cultures.

Stagnation will not be supported anymore. Now is the time to grow. It is no mistake your world is becoming more controlled by a government body toward conforming to a more enslaved way of living. By this, I mean when a government body becomes more controlling of the quality of your personal lives. This includes limiting your freedoms to make personal decisions for yourselves on how you want to live your lives.

How and what you eat is no longer going to be an option made by you. How you choose to heal your body of health issues is no longer going to be your choice. Poisoning or not poisoning your body is no longer going to be a choice made by you. The faiths and belief systems you choose for yourselves are no longer going to be elective. It will be decided for you by governmental bodies, which will be controlled by a one-world governmental body. The information and education choices available for you and your children will be controlled. Other freedoms will be taken away from you. The location you live in will no longer be a choice made by you.

The ability to be materially abundant will be limited to the very few. A healthy and balanced way of living will be available to the very few. An industrial way of living is in the process of being created for the majority of you. The quality of your life will be much suppressed. Complete and total dependence on a world government is being formed and will dominate the majority of you. Only two percent of you will not be included in this conformed, suppressed, limited way of living.

If you are not presently connected to this already existing world government, you are not among the two percent. All religions will be annihilated. None will be permitted to be followed or honored publically. This world government will take away all religion’s ability to influence the world. They will be suppressed into omission. The tables are being turned in these ways already. Violence, chaos and disorderliness are being induced intentionally to support the need for dependency on a military force for order and protection and further rules and regulations. A weaker citizenship of less individuality in all countries is being formed.

I want to tell you why this is occurring. It is because the majority of you on earth will not come together in a more loving, caring and unifying way unless there is more intense suffering for the majority. You have lost your way. Living to care for and serve your fellow brothers and sisters has been forgotten. You have become reliant on serving only yourselves and your own families, without caring enough about the suffering of your fellow brothers and sisters, the animal kingdom and the earth. More caring hearts would not accept this. You have become so engulfed in living to serve your selves, your own physical, material needs and desires, that you have lost awareness of and the connection to your heart’s desires – which is for the loving kindness and goodness for all life on earth.

This lack of compassion toward others, including all beings of earth, cannot be transformed into caring action without a tremendous wake-up call. Many feel they do not directly cause this suffering and so continue their lives by ignoring the neglect and suffering of others. You have allowed this suffering to continue and this allowance has progressed to a point where it has created what is now happening. This has and will affect your personal lives and world in the ways I have just described. The majority of you will become mistreated, neglected, suppressed and suffering.

Know this is not punishment from God, but is the result of your own creation. All of you, collectively, create all the events in your own world here on earth. The significant minority of those who have been helping to enhance the collective consciousness will be receptive and guided to this knowledge from me through Connie and other sources of similar knowledge. This will position you to safe places throughout the globe in a way to further grow and create a new life on earth.

I have shared with you the knowledge, understanding and guidance needed to spiritually evolve into a unity consciousness, individually and collectively. In the near future, you will be given a choice to make by a governing body to further conform to their way of living. This means to be owned, controlled and governed by a number. Their way may seem to be an easier way of life with use of their numbers. However, know that it will mean the loss of your freedom and ability to continue growing toward God consciousness in your lifetime on earth.

Those who choose not to accept this number will need to join together in small communities and become capable of self-sufficient and self-sustaining living within each community. That means living without relying on outside sources for your survival needs. Follow my guidance and suggestions in these messages about the formation of such communities. My way of living simply means growing and expanding your love for yourselves and for all others. Know that if you are following my way of living you will have my personal support and protection.

Jesus (June 12, 2015)