When you become open enough to receive more love from your Source of Love, the most beautiful feeling starts to become you; peace, surrender, love and a gratitude to who or what is creating this feeling. It starts to come alive from inside. It is a completely new and unfamiliar feeling you have never experienced before. It does not come from the physical world and you know this.

The initial awakening of God’s love is born within your body; your heart. A letting go of the past has occurred to enable this flow of Love Energy. Tuning into this feeling becomes wanted by you more and more. You will naturally desire more time in stillness to get further acquainted with this Life Energy. A personal relationship with your Source of Love is now awakening within your awareness.

This is the most precious and beautiful time imaginable. Your innocence is returning. Separation is dissolving. The experience of oneness begins to be known. Fear starts to detach from you spontaneously. An effortlessness enters your direct experience as you start to become the real you for the first time in a physical form.

The intimacy of this awakening of your true self is a love and beauty that cannot be described. You start to know who you really are and the magnificence of your innocence returning overshadows absolutely everything you have ever felt was important. You soon let go of any trying to control or create anything. That natural human desire becomes surrendered. You simply let go of all tendency to control your life and world. You become aware of our Father’s love for you personally for the first time. My heart expands with you. Unification begins again.

Jesus (June 10, 2015)