A new life on earth is my goal for humanity; the creation of a different way of living; a daily life that is conducive for developing God awareness. This is achievable. You must want this enough to become it. Know that you are not waiting on me for the development of God Consciousness. I am waiting on your willingness to desire it enough to receive it.

You can say you want God awareness, but if you do not develop God awareness, you will not achieve it. Do you know why you are missing the awareness of who you really are? Think about this for a minute. Why do you not experience fullness of life? What is the underlying, insecure feeling that is always there? Why do you feel something is missing? Why do you experience a limited life? Why do you ever feel less than totally in love with your life? Is it because that is ‘normal’? That life is just that way? What is blocking you from realizing you are all One?

All of you are the One experiencing through a different form simultaneously. You are the One already, but you have forgotten this. To be this is to know this. To awaken and expand your awareness to know this, you need to live your lives differently.

Many of you think that to receive God Consciousness, you must first sacrifice fun, joy, doing what you love doing and even your very life. Obtaining my level of awareness creates doing what you love doing – more than you could imagine – more joy, more fun, and with more Life energy.

Let go of the stories you have heard that are not in alignment with truth. I am not angry nor condemning nor boring. My life on earth was to bring you more Life; more of our Father’s life. Do not believe that a sacrificing life accompanies me. It is the extreme opposite.

What you are all wanting is for your body to fully illuminate your Source of Love Energy. There is no sacrifice needed to experience fullness of life. Every day lived without awareness of God is a sacrifice you do not understand. Bring forth your willingness to grow. Know you will lose nothing but fear.

Jesus (June 2015)