Live to be happy. I’d like to talk about a new way of living. I’d like to give some simple suggestions for how to be healthier and happier. If your life is too busy and too stressful you will need to be open-minded to making changes; changes that you want, but in the beginning, making them will likely require some initiative.

Why will making changes that you want likely require open-mindedness and initiative? It is because your ego does not like you to be happy. And why does your ego not like you being happy? Because the ego thrives on dissatisfaction, pain and fear. The happier you become, the closer the ego is to death. So, from the beginning: The only way to increase true happiness is by connecting to me – Love, compassion and non-judgment. Increasing your love, compassion and non-judgment is the only way. If your happiness is reliant on anything, anyone or any circumstance, you will eventually come to realize that him, her or it, did not and cannot make you happy after all.

A lot of you already do understand this, yet you continue on with the same pattern of forgetting it. You continue living the same way – a way that does not create happiness. Pain and suffering is not happiness. Mediocrity is not happiness. So, this includes many of you. I will keep it simple. You must spend some time every day intentionally evolving spiritually; intentionally expanding your spirit. Your spirit is the “Life” of love energy and many of you have significantly lost touch with this a long time ago.

Some of you know these suggestions I am about to mention, believe they will work, but will still not do them. This is because your ego does not want you to be happy. So, for your sake and for the sake of others, begin a new way of living; one where you do not allow the ego to limit your happiness anymore. Live to be happy.

  • Acknowledge, feel and heal your suppressed pain. Do the HOPE Technique daily.
  • Meditate daily. The effect of this time spent in stillness is accumulative.
  • Every day, plan a specific way to help someone feel more loved.
  • Eat three meals a day alone in silence or with enjoyable company.
  • Help a child or animal have fun every week.
  • Form or join a group with whom you feel you are in alignment. Meet regularly with this group to discuss the personal and spiritual growth of everyone; the good, bad and the ugly. Perhaps you could meet together weekly to discuss your personal experiences of applying each of these suggestions. You will help each other learn, heal and grow by sharing your experiences.
  • Examine what you think are your past errors and faults; write them down. Accept them. If you do not feel a genuine rightness in accepting them, do something about it. If you cannot bring yourself to accept them, help others who have ‘faulted’ in a similar way.
  • Be loving and kind to others no matter what.
  • Communicate your true feelings with others. Be honest while also being kind.
  • Surrender everything you need help with to God; a need, a desire, a fear, a problem.
  • Thank God every day for at least ten things for which you are grateful.
  • Make amends with your past. Make the past right. Apologize for any wrong doings from the past to make the situation ‘right’ if you can. If you cannot, choose to do some good to a person or an animal for a time. Improve their life. Choose someone other than a family member or friend.
  • Be able to do what you love and do it often if it is good for you.
  • Write down your fears. Ask yourself why you think you have them. Acknowledge why you have them. Then surrender them to God. Ask God to free you from them.
  • Ask God every day to free you from the limitation of ego (self).

If you follow these simple suggestions for creating a new life, you will expand your spirit – your love energy. Your happiness will increase quickly and you will become very powerful. By this I mean, full of the power to create more good in your life – much more good.

Jesus (May 6, 2015)