My present goal for humanity is to have more people desirous of making their spiritual growth a priority in their life. Some people do this already, but their immediate surroundings consistently inhibit them from making more significant progress. So many cities have people caught up in a busy, stressful and unnatural way of living. They emit stressful energy in their immediate surroundings and it adversely affects others in the vicinity. This suppresses their ability to expand their spirit.

I would like to explain more about what spiritual growth means in a simplistic manner. To expand your soul means that you allow it to expand. Expanding your soul means you are allowing your Source of loving, peaceful life energy to grow within your physical body and consciousness. This makes you think, feel and behave more in alignment with love. Love Energy creates the qualities and experiences that come from God, which is pure Love Energy.

The more your soul expands, the more loving, peaceful, happy, joyful, trusting, compassionate and grateful you feel. Fulfillment becomes you. It is that fulfillment which comes from unifying with God, your Source of love energy. When you are growing your spirit, you are healing your fear and growing your love. Fulfillment occurs naturally. It is the fulfillment you are all seeking, yet cannot find from the physical world.

Most of you have absorbed stressful energy and continue to accumulate more and more within your body’s cells and consciousness. But if the presence of those who are in close proximity were to unite together in unison and harmony, you would all gain an increase of shared power to overcome the suppressing influences of stress. Your cooperative presence together would create a supportive influence in the consciousness for everyone.

I’d like to explain more about how to create neighborhoods or small villages just like other neighborhoods throughout your country (and others), but which would also support each other to grow spiritually; a neighborhood where the residents are interested in the growth of their soul more than the growth of their ego.

This simply means that their primary desire is to spiritually evolve; that they are willing to spend some time everyday enabling their soul to grow. This can mean they meditate daily, allowing for a time of stillness which more deeply enables their source of loving, peaceful energy to expand from within; to intentionally heal their accumulated pain and fear – the accumulated stress energy from their past experiences. Connecting with others regularly to share your knowledge, thoughts, experiences and teachings that focus on a loving, uniting energy, would greatly uplift the consciousness of the entire community and affect the rest of the surrounding world as well. Simply put, you help each other learn, heal and grow spiritually.

Individuals, families and groups in such a community could exist inter-dependently in a healthy, peaceful and balanced way. This would mean each neighborhood could be structured in a self-sustaining way. This does not mean to be intentionally isolated from the rest of the world. Rather, to have the capacity to live well independently without the sole reliance of outside resources, especially during times of emergency.

This includes food, shelter, clothing, water, power, medical care, education, protection for the community, etc. This could also include the residents contributing their natural passions and talents, making it easier for everyone to fall in love with their lives.

The world has lost the ability to live naturally in accordance with their soul’s desires. This simply means to be in love with your lives, yourselves and each other. Some of you may wish to simplify your lives to enable this different lifestyle for you and your family. What is your purpose in this life? It is to be in love with your life, to spend your time doing that which you love doing and continuing to unify with love while expressing and sharing it with others.

Many of you have lost your way. Too many lives have little meaning, little joy and little peace. Sickness, famine and suffering run rampant in your world. This is because most of you are not living your lives in accordance with the divine – in a loving, peaceful, happy way.

So many have become like robots, living to serve yourselves, your country and your societies and your communities in a way of unbalanced, unhealthy and unhappy living. Too many people have conformed to a destructive, loveless, non-connecting way of life.

Many of you do not even realize how you have become ‘enslaved’ or dependent on others who are not looking out for your best interests and who are supporting the destruction of your own world. You do not question how your world has become this way. It is ‘normal’ to many of you.

When you come to face the truth of what you are avoiding – that you are continuing to support the ongoing deterioration of your own lives, your families, your fellow-man, animals and your earth, you will realize that my suggestion to create self-sustaining, happy, healthy, life-supportive and love-supportive communities, is the only way you can become free from conforming more and more to a self-destructive and life-less existence; one that continues to create more chaos, sickness, violence and despair. How imbalanced and stressful does life on earth need to become before you will want to change the trend you are on?

Jesus (June 5, 2015)