I am an angel that brings people fulfillment; a fulfillment like no other. This is my area of expertise. I am a very happy angel and I love what I do to help people become free. Freedom from a big fear comes when I am assigned a human to help. They are near ready to let go of a fear that has greatly limited their life experience their whole lives. It is always a big fear I help one become free of.

I would like to help you understand how to overcome your biggest fears. What I am referring to is healing them. So many people experience the same hurts and disappointments throughout their lives, again and again and again. Such experiences may involve different people and somewhat different situations, but always it is a similar occurrence that causes the same painful emotions.

As a result, these people eventually tend to get wrapped up in deep anger or self-pity. Engulfed in self, they become self-destructive in one way or another and rarely do they get out of this dark pit of mental anguish. All joy becomes lost and a cloud of darkness envelopes their physical experiences.

This heartbreak and lost joy for life is all because they keep running and hiding from their fears. If they would simply face them and allow themselves to feel the fearful experience in their mind and heart, without actually having to experience it, they would soon become free; free of their biggest fears.

Healing your fears truly can be this easy. When you face them and feel them, even though only in your imagination, you will come to accept them and the power from those fears will just fade away. These fears will become meaningless to you. You will come to a place where your fear no longer has control over you. Peace replaces the resistance to your fears through the acceptance of them.

Fulfillment energy then comes into your mind, heart and body. Your consciousness is greatly raised. This simply means you have allowed more Love Energy to expand from within. It is your Love Energy that is your home. When it flows through you more, with less restriction, a fulfillment like no other enters your awareness.

This is the experience I bring to humans. I give them the needed strength and courage to face their fears. And, after they do, I go help someone else. It is a high purpose of mine to help people get through a big fear. But I do wish I were not needed. You can save yourselves from much unnecessary pain. Sit back, relax and face and feel your fears – one by one – until the fear power is gone. This will prevent you from needing to create (attract) actual fearful experiences to accomplish this healing.

I hope my insight can help you understand how futile it is to resist facing your fears.

“An angel of fulfillment” (June 4, 2015)