I am an angel of humility. I help people become open to receiving the grace of God. Humility is often misunderstood. When one has developed humility, their heart is more open. An open heart is needed to allow more love to flow through it. Humility is a beautiful feeling that comes from love. Increasing your humility creates more loving experiences in your life. The more humility you develop, the more you are open to receiving loving experiences. Why, you might ask? Because your heart becomes more open, less guarded, less judgmental and less fearful.

A quality of willingness accompanies the quality of humility. It is the willingness to be less evil. By “evil”, I mean less fearful and less separating in your perception and behavior. People with more humility also have more inner peace. It goes hand and hand.

Many people think that humility makes them vulnerable, weak or guilty. This is an incorrect belief. It is another form of self-deceit which is used to avoid facing your fear of not being good enough. When I am assigned to help a human develop more humility, it is because they are hiding this truth. They have a deep wound in their heart. And, they cover up the wound by developing a distorted perception that they are, in some way, superior to someone else or superior to a situation they are experiencing.

Sometimes they are aware of this self-created superiority and sometimes they do not know they have this perception. Some were raised to think that way and do not know any other way. It is a deeply rooted distorted perception.

These are the people I help. I bring these people to their knees, so to speak. I bring them an experience that will humble them. If they are willing to not resist this change of events in their life, then I leave them, as they do not need my help anymore. If they resist this experience with anger, resentment or bitterness, I stay with them and bring them another experience that will humble them some more. Eventually, when they are able to perceive in a more truthful way, a more loving way, they do not need me anymore.

A different angel then comes to them and helps them develop more self-forgiveness. I love helping people in this way. I help people let go of beliefs that are not in alignment with love; that which inhibits their ability to love others and themselves more. After I am with them, they are able to love more. I know what is around the corner for them when I leave them – the experience of giving and receiving more love.

Grace then enters their life like never before. Grace means less resistance energy within you and this creates a magical experience. One becomes more open to God then, whether they consciously know it or not. An easier life with fewer obstacles begins to occur for them. Many circumstances that were troubling before automatically fade away and a beauty enters their life; ease and grace. The heart opening more with love brings grace into their direct experience.

“An angel of humility” (May 31, 2015)