I am an angel of joy. Happiness and joy is a quality that comes from love. I specialize in helping people become filled with more joy. I am filled with joy. I have fun helping people have fun. I love helping people remember what it is like to feel like a child again – filled with love and joy.

A heavy heart, a serious mind-set, a judgmental attitude, an angry person, a depressed person…these are the types of people I am assigned to help; people who have developed one or more of these outlooks. They are simply very unhappy. They have lost the ability to feel joy. They have a heavy heart.

I come to people who particularly need to feel joy. This is what they need most when I am assigned to help them. I help them feel like a child again. I help them have fun with their life. I instill a lightheartedness quality in them. Happy-go-lucky is me. I am filled with happiness and joy.

I know how to have fun in nearly any situation. I know how to make life a lot more fun. I have a great sense of humor. I can laugh and giggle about almost anything. I love being who I am. I am very playful. Silly is me. Everyone loves my influence, too, because I help them have more fun. I bring people more light, laugher and joy. I give people a spark of these feelings. They start to lighten up soon after I am with them. Their very serious attitudes begin to lighten. I bring them smiles. They actually start smiling more soon after I am with them. I get very excited about this. I love sharing my joy with them. I love helping them remember what it’s like to feel like a child again – light-hearted and filled with joy.

“An angel of joy” (May 29, 2015)