I am an angel of peace and serenity. I bring people more peace. Peace is a quality that comes from love. I instill my loving, peaceful energy to those I am assigned to help. This energy I emanate from my being affects their energy. I simply help them feel more of my peaceful, calming energy. The people I help have very little inner peace and because of this, they are miserable. They have so much accumulated fear.

I want to help you understand that if you put your direct attention on what you fear and allow yourself to feel that which you fear and do your best not to judge yourself for having these fears, you will heal and remove more and more fear energy. It is that fear energy that literally becomes stored inside your physical cells.

The people I am assigned to help have had so much fear energy stored within their bodies for so long, they have developed a physical health problem. They are usually very sick by the time I come to them. They need my help very much. They need more peaceful energy. My peaceful energy tames their disorderly energy. I just give them my loving and peaceful energy. I love these people very much. I smile at them with love constantly. In time, they start to feel it – more peace and serenity. This is all I do.

After a little while, their increased peaceful energy is able to attract a person into their life who then takes my place. At that point I leave and go help someone else again in the same way. This is my purpose. I love what I do. I give people hope. I help them feel better. And I enable them to attract someone who will give them a more loving and peaceful experience.

If they are able to accept love from that person, they will usually get better and heal. If they struggle to accept that person’s love and care, they will likely not get better, and will become increasingly sick until they die. Either way, I helped them feel more loving, peaceful energy for a time. I feel so grateful to do this for others. I help them feel the peace of God as we do. It is a gift to share this quality from love. I shine with joy when I help others know how it feels to have more peace. It is such a beautiful feeling. 

Question: How do you angels get assigned your “jobs”?

Angel: Jesus always assigns us those who are in need of our help. It is always Jesus that directs us. 

Question: Archangels don’t sometimes tell you who to help?

Angel: No. Archangels help countless people with their area of expertise at the same time. An angel like me always helps one person at a time. Archangels are able to help many, many people at the same time. 

Question: Does Jesus assign them their work also?

Angel: Yes. 

Question: Can people get an angel assigned to them by asking for one? Or, do they not need to ask for their help because they come automatically when they need them?

Angel: We come when Jesus asks us to come to you. When you ask for an angel to come help you, then Jesus will always bring you an angel. It is very, very helpful to ask for our help. You will receive much more help from many more angels when you ask for it. We want you to ask for our help so very much. We are able to do more when you ask us for our assistance. We are happy and delighted when you ask us to help you. The more that people ask for us, the more opportunities we have to spread our loving qualities. We are here to help you. 

Question: Can we pray for an angel’s help for someone else? Does that help others receive the help of an angel?

Angel: Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. That person has to also be willing to want our help.

Question: Can you tell me the difference between an angel and a spirit guide?

Angel: An angel is a spiritual being and has always been a spiritual being. Our form is an energy that is a less dense than yours. It is a non-physical energy. Also, we are fully-loving beings and have always been fully-loving beings. We have never experienced fear.

What you call spirit guides were once humans. They are now in their spirit form and have been assigned to ‘follow’ another human during their life. Spirit guides are presently learning and evolving through the human’s life experiences. Spirit guides are not yet fully-loving beings. They are still evolving. This does not mean they are not very loving; just not fully loving yet. Although, there are also some spirit guides who have not developed much love at all yet. They are at various stages in the development of their loving consciousness. They are not usually able to influence the human they are with like angels can.

Humans are given choice. They have the ability to choose the type of being they wish to be. They can choose between love and fear. We angels do not have the ability to experience fear.

Question: Do you know why we humans were given the choice to love or fear? That seems unfair to me because we come into the world that way. This makes me feel like a victim.

Angel: There is a most profound blessing that comes with having that choice. It is a true gift. I understand why you feel as you do right now. But, in time, you will come to realize the true gift it is. You, human souls, wanted to be your own creators. Simply put, you wanted to have the ability to create whatever you wanted to create. You wanted to have the experience of learning the difference between love and fear, that is, the difference between unity and separation. Learning this is a process which develops much love and gratitude; far more than we angels are capable of experiencing. You wanted the experience of becoming one again. If you are already one, you cannot experience becoming one. It is a most beautiful process to experience more and more of the love that you are.

Question: It does not sound like you angels have any shortage of feeling love and gratitude. You sound like you are filled with love, joy, peace and gratitude. Your answer is not very satisfying to me. Why would anyone want to experience the pain of fear and separation?

Angel: To become God again. The experience of becoming God again is the highest experience of love one can experience.

Question: One of you angels just recently said you “were God in a non-physical form, as we humans are God in a physical form”. So, you already have the realization that you are God. For a human, isn’t that the goal?

Angel: We do already realize we are God, yes. But, the experience of realizing you are God is like no other. It is challenging for you to understand the gift that is in this until you start experiencing more God, which is pure love energy. When you start experiencing more Love Energy, you will start to understand the gift in the experience of developing it. 

Comment: I’m still not quite satisfied with that answer, but I guess I will have to accept that I cannot fully understand this yet.

Angel: I will give you an example that may help you better understand the beautiful blessing of this experience. Imagine a husband and wife who are together and are both very much in love and very happy. Now, imagine their time meeting each other; spending time together; learning about themselves and each other together; growing their love together. Imagine their “once in a lifetime” experiences of falling in love with each other. This is how it is for humans. They get to experience falling in love with God. All of you humans wanted to experience the most beautiful process of realizing you are God again.

“An angel of peace and serenity”   (May 29, 2015)