I am an angel of honesty. I help people become more honest. I am given people who are unconsciously stuck in a pattern of dishonest behavior. There are basically two kinds of dishonesty. One form of dishonesty is intentional and the other form is unintentional. I help people who have become so dishonest, they do not even realize they are being dishonest. They are very unconscious.

I’d like to explain what being unconscious means. Being unconscious means you have lost awareness of truth. When I say truth, I am referring to what comes from love. Love has many different qualities. Honesty is one quality that comes from love. When someone is filled with love, they automatically become honest people. They go hand and hand. When someone lacks love, they automatically become dishonest people. When I say filled with love, I mean they feel more love toward others and themselves. Dishonesty is a quality that comes from fear. People with more fear are more dishonest.

Fear distorts your thinking, feelings and behavior. Fear creates disharmony and dysfunction. It affects every thought, every feeling and every action. It creates chaos, drama and problems. It is the cause of all chaos, drama and problems in your world.

Self-deceit is one method of coping with the presence of fear. People who are dishonest with themselves often are not consciously aware of it. These are the people I help. I bring them more awareness of truth. I bring them experiences that open them to perceive differently. The experiences I help arrange for them are unpleasant for the most part. This is because such people do not want to perceive differently. They would rather hide from the truth and continue to live in their delusional, dishonest perception. This is because if they faced a more truthful perception, they would have to face their fear of feeling guilt. They would come to realize they have an enormous amount of guilt. They much prefer to continue to avoid acknowledging and feeling their guilt. Avoidance behavior like this creates more and more dysfunction in one’s life in various ways. When someone has gotten to the point where they are near to having the willingness to face their truth, I come into their lives.

I am a master at coordinating events that will bring one to facing their truth – what they have been avoiding for a long time – their guilt. I masterfully coordinate certain situations in these people’s lives that will help them see the light; the truth.

I could give you all sorts of examples of how people unknowingly lie to themselves and other people to avoid facing and feeling their guilt. But, I would rather cut to the chase and tell you that you can perceive without guilt. You can realize more truth without feeling the guilt that usually accompanies this increased awareness. You can perceive yourself differently. The pain and agony that people endure when they realize they have been living in their self-created lies, and for a long time, is completely unnecessary. I want to help you perceive this differently. I would like to help you perceive yourself the way Jesus does. Do know that He perceives everything with complete and total truth.

Jesus does not judge you for having lost the awareness of the love that you are. He does not judge you for the dysfunctional thinking and behaviors you have adopted as a result. He does not judge you for contributing to the suffering in the world. He understands that you have lost your way and don’t know how to find your true-selves again. He understands that you are coping with your own dysfunction and the world’s dysfunction in the best way you know how. Jesus never blames people for losing their awareness of God. He fully understands this has occurred without your understanding.

When Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”, He said that to make a lasting impression for all of you. He wanted you to know you are all worthy of forgiveness because you know not what you do. You have lost the awareness of your true-selves. This distorts your perception and behavior. Dishonesty is one form of dysfunction that occurs when you have lost awareness of what you really are – a fully loving being who contains no fear. Forgive yourselves. Guilt is of your own making. You have to be willing to let it go in order to be free from it. Only you can create the willingness. God cannot take it from you if you want to believe in it; if you want to hang onto it.

You are all learning how to love yourselves and others more fully. You are all learning how to be your true-selves again. Acknowledge there are many different ways you may express dishonesty. Celebrate each time you realize this. Have a party and celebrate with your friends and family when you have realized another way you have been dishonest. This means you are growing and learning and becoming more real. Do not think you should feel shame. Encourage yourself to feel happy about this progress you have made. Support each other. Encourage each other. Love each other. You are all brothers and sisters and the children of our Creator. Let go of your guilt. Do not believe you deserve such punishment.

“An angel of honesty” (May 28, 2015)