I am an angel in heaven. I help the souls of people who pass on. The reason I am talking to you is because these human souls, who one day will also include you, need to understand something very important.

Should you die while fearing your death because you feel unworthy of uniting with God, you will not fully transition to your true state of awareness, which is heaven. You will be held back, so to speak, from unifying with God and the souls of your loved ones.

I help these people. Basically, I try to get their attention. I am so beautiful and so loving. The light I emanate is an incredibly powerful energy that draws people’s souls to me. If they are willing to look above, to me, that is all I need to influence them enough to follow me. I take them to heaven.

But, if they have a heavy amount of guilt when they die, this prevents them from be willing to look at the light I shine. They literally stay looking down at earth and they will not look up at me. I need only a split second of them looking up at me to get the opportunity to take them to heaven. It is such an incredibly beautiful experience for me to take souls to heaven. I am very grateful to be able to help people in this way.

But, too often, I am not able to help them. They feel strong fear about joining God. This is because they feel much guilt. They simply do not feel worthy of God’s love. So much so, that they fear God.  They think God will be angry or disappointed with them for what they’ve done or didn’t do, and who they chose to be in their life. They are afraid to see God.

Most of these people were taught to fear God at a very young age. They grew up being told they were “sinners”, or in some way, bad people. They grew up feeling a lot of guilt for not being more perfect. They believe their very nature is bad. That being said, at the core of everyone’s heart is unconditional love. Unconditional love is underneath all of their developed fears. They may have been taught this too, but these are very contradicting teachings. So, they developed the fear of themselves as being not good enough for God.

One’s consciousness does not change just because their soul left their physical body. One’s consciousness remains the same as it was when they died. Humans have to develop their consciousness. This evolution must occur during their experiential lifetime and it does not happen without their allowance. They have to be willing to let go of all of their fear to develop a fully unconditional loving consciousness. This is usually a very slow process for humans. I’d like to help you learn how to heal your guilt. If you are one who fears God, this will save you from missing out on the most incredible experience imaginable – our home – heaven.

When you help others heal their guilt and fears, at the same time you automatically and effortlessly heal yours as well. It is so simple. Many of you only help those people who you already know and care about. That is helpful too. But, when you help someone you don’t already personally know, it is a selfless action. Performing selfless actions are an extremely effective way to receive back exactly what you have given them.

I understand that your world has lost much of this meaning. Selfless acts of loving, caring and giving is not practical in the eyes of many people now. You are often too busy, too stressed and too tired to give to others for nothing given in return. Many of you do not understand how this helps you much more than them.

If you could think of someone to help who particularly needs it, perhaps someone that is very broken from all the guilt and fear they carry, you would begin to experience the freedom from the guilt and fear that you carry. This will not only help you reach heaven in the spirit world, it will help you find heaven in the physical world.

“An angel in heaven” (May 28, 2015)